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GLee 5.2 gets OS-X compatibility27-5-2006
The latest version of GLee adds OS-X to the list of supported platforms.

Thanks to Tristam Macdonald for this contribution.

GLee 5.1 released23-1-2006
This version adds 5 new GL extensions and 1 new WGL extension. The new extensions are
  • GL_MESAX_texture_stack
  • GL_EXT_framebuffer_blit
  • GL_EXT_framebuffer_multisample
  • GL_EXT_stencil_clear_tag
  • GL_EXT_texture_sRGB
  • WGL_3DL_stereo_control
Some minor ANSI C compatibility bugs have also been fixed.

Thanks to GameDev.net12-2-2005 have kindly offered to help out with the file hosting problems mentioned in my previous post. As a result, some of the more popular files are now hosted on their server, at least until I come up with a long-term solution. Thanks guys!

Problems with downloads9-2-2005
Apparently the site is using too much bandwidth and so my file host has cut the connection, so many downloads are not available. I've moved GLee and Wall3D to a different host, but the other files won't be available for the time being.

If anyone can recommend a decent cheap web hosting/domain service (preferably in the UK), then let me know.

The GLee Web Page30-9-2004
GLee finally has its own web page. Update your bookmarks.

New Programs!28-9-2004
There's a couple of new programs in the download area. I finally got around to uploading my final year project from university, and I just completed the lighting and shadowing demo I've been writing.

Developer Journal14-9-2004
I've been writing a developer journal for the past couple of months, over on, (where I moderate the OpenGL forum). The journal discusses the shadowing and lighting project I'm currently working on. You can read it here. Feel free to leave comments.

I'll put the demo up in the download area when the project is finished.

New ISP10-9-2004
After consistently great reviews from users on, I've migrated to PlusNet for my ADSL, which means the downloads section of this site will be hosted on their servers from now on. This shouldn't affect existing links since the getfile script has been updated accordingly.

If you're in the UK and considering a new ISP, you can help support this site and the continued development of the GLee library by signing up with PlusNet via the banners on this site.

GLee 3.05 released27-6-2004
GLee 3.05 has been completed, adding 5 new extensions. As always, email me if you have any problems.

GLee for D updated31-3-2004
Joel Anderson has updated his port of GLee for the D language (win32 only). This should fix a bug that caused compile-time errors on some systems. Find it on his site or in the download area.

All material copyright 2006 Ben Woodhouse.